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Create an Instrumental & Acapella from any song on your Mac

Supports Intel & Apple Silicon

Make better edits and remixes

With support for macOS 10.13 High Sierra – macOS 13 Ventura, Stemverter 3 has a brand new AI engine, new app interface, native 24-bit audio processing, AIFF output, and macOS finder integration. And best of all, it’s a free upgrade for all existing Stemverter 2 users.
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Stem separation software
Supports macOS 10.13 High Sierra – 13.1 Ventura

Stemverter 3 is a free upgrade for all users

Existing users can upgrade from Stemverter 2 for free 

New features in Stemverter 3

Stemverter 3 has once again been rebuilt from the ground up, including a brand new processing engine as well as a completely overhauled app interface. These new features will streamline the conversion process and free up your time so you can work on your creative music projects. 

New AI Engine

Utilizing the latest algorithms
yields the cleanest results

Speed vs Quality

Choose between 1x Pass (Fastest)
or 4x Pass (Highest Quality)

Stem Selection

Click on only the stems you want processed, or click on them all

24-bit Processing

All conversions are natively processed as 24-bit audio

WAV / MP3 / AIFF Output

In addition to WAV and MP3, you can now convert files directly to AIFF

Right-Click Integration

Use the contextual menu in Finder to add files directly to the queue

Batch Conversion

Select up to 10 files at once to add to the queue for processing

In-App License Management

Monitor and remove additional computers using your license key

Dark Mode Support

Designed to work in both Light and Dark Mode​

Metadata Cloning

ID3 tags are automatically copied from mp3 source files

Smart File Naming

Output files are renamed automatically

Unlimited Use

Process endless audio files, with
NO per-track or subscription fees

Make your own remixes

Learn how to make an mp3 into an instrumental

Stem separation software

Extract stems from any song

Choose any combination of stems to isolate tracks in just a few clicks.






Artificial Intelligence

Leverage the power of Demucs engine to isolate the audio frequencies in any song.

Machine Learning

Stem separation models trained using terabytes of audio data from a wide range of sources.

100% Local Processing

No uploading or downloading of files. All conversion takes place locally on your computer.

Lifetime License

No subscription, no processing fees. Activate Stemverter 3 for unlimited access on two personal computers.

Multitrack Stems in your favorite DAW

Layer and sample the isolated output files in your favorite audio editing suite to create extended edits, make mashups, produce remixes, and sample projects in ways that have never been possible until now.

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Ableton Pro main UI
Serato DJ Pro main UI

Isolated Stems for your DJ sets

Add creativity to your routines and live blends with isolated vocals. Stemverter 3’s direct-to-mp3 output feature saves space in your DJ library and allows for hardcoded mixing without using any extra processing power needed for on-the-fly conversion.

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DJs and music producers
love using Stemverter 3

See what some of the best DJs and producers in the game have to say about Stemverter

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Stemverter is one of my favorite tools now! I basically use it for most of my edits and remixes. It saves me so much time trying to find acapellas and instrumentals. Every DJ/producer needs to get this ASAP!
Mick Boogie
Mick Boogie
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Stemverter has made the process of grabbing an acapella seamless. I can't count the number of times this app has allowed me to get a part of a song that wasn't available otherwise.
dj mOma
dj mOma
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Stemverter opens up a whole world of creativity for DJs and producers alike. I could not recommend it enough!
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I like the simplicity and the fact that you can drag and drop files right onto the app. The stems come back really quickly and it’s totally changed how I do blends and remix production. I definitely recommend having Stemverter in your toolbox!
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This app is the truth! If you are a creative with the music, Stemverter gives you so many creative possibilities to create your own remixes and unique custom versions of songs to take your DJ sets to the next level.
DJ Konflikt
DJ Konflikt
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Acapellas have become harder to source and sometimes, I don't want to search for hours to have a small piece of a song for an edit or a transition. With Stemverter, I am able to do it all in seconds.
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I use Stemverter to quickly create stems to use in both a production and performance setting. Most of the time I use it for acapellas, but I also sometimes use it to grab things like keyboard riffs, guitar licks, or other music samples... it works very well and is very easy to use!
Cosmo Baker
Cosmo Baker
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One of the coolest things bout Stemverter is that it actually allows you to deconstruct songs down to their elements and gives you a look at the actual DNA of some of the greatest music in history. And as a DJ to have this as another weapon in my arsenal really allows me to take my sets and playing to the next level.
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A complete game changer. The simplicity, turn around and quality make it all worth it. No other solution is as quick and good a Stemverter.

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